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Beginner Grow Class


Get your indoor home grow system started today with Marc Eden’s DIY Home Grow Class. Marc Eden teaches a simple indoor system for beginners, so they can grow high quality product from the start. You’re invited to learn how to grow indoors with grow tents, an LED light, earth/soil, fertilizer, and some other nifty gardening supplies. Indoor growing is a forever hobby, but you have to start somewhere. Avoid mishaps and failed harvests, and start your home grow with a plan!


Grow Class Sections:

(1) Class Overview
(2) Grow Tent Tour
(3) Equipment + Supplies
(4) Grow Tent Set-up
(5) Climate Rules / Environmental Conditions
(6) Growing Timeline
(7) Seeds VS. Clones
(8) Planting Seeds
(9) Planting Clones
(10) VEG Phase How-to
(11) FLOWER Phase How-to
(12) HARVESTING How-to

Over 70 minutes of DIY cultivation how-to!